McCarty-Farrar Lodge No. 8

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The McCarty-Farrar Lodge No. 8 is a Masonic lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge of Alabama (Free & Accepted Masons of Alabama). Its offices are kept at 3523 Mount Olive Road in Mount Olive. It was created by merger of the Farrar Lodge No. 8 and McCarty Lodge No. 735 in 1997.

The Farrar Lodge of Elyton was first chartered as Lodge No. 41 on March 6, 1821 by dispensation of the Grand Master of Tennessee to Thomas W. Farrar and his fellow applicants. This lodge sent three delegates, Farrar, John Brown, and Bartholomew Labuzan, to the organizing convention for the Grand Lodge of Alabama in June of that same year. At the convention, the Farrar Lodge surrendered its old charter and was re-established as Lodge No. 8 under the new Grand Lodge.

The Farrar Lodge met at the old Elyton Courthouse. When that building burned in 1869 the moved to the nearby Elyton Inn.

In 1944, the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Alabama's 124th Annual Communication (December 5-6 in Montgomery) listed the Farrar Lodge as having 227 members under Master James L. Hamm. The Lodge's secretary was Thomas R. Duffey of Fairview. At the time, the lodge met on the first and third Fridays of the month.

The McCarty Lodge chartered to Grahams Town, was listed at the 1944 communication as having 60 members under Master E. E. Averhart. The secretary was E. L. Belcher of Gardendale, and the Lodge met on the second and fourth Fridays.