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O'Henry's Coffee being sold at grocery store locations

O'Henry's Coffees is a Homewood-based coffee shop chain with several locations in the Birmingham area.

The company was founded by Henry Bright in 1993. He sold it to Randy and Mary Adamy in 1999. Former employee Blake Stevens and his wife Anna, with backing from the Key7 Investment Co, purchased O'Henrys from the Adamys in 2019.

A sister company, O'Henry’s Coffee Roasting Co., was founded as Red Mountain Coffee Roasters in 1995. The roasting facility, which uses a 12-kilogram capacity Diedrich roaster, is located at 14 West Oxmoor Road. It processes the coffees sold at the stores and at area grocers. It also roasts coffees on a contract basis for numerous other coffeehouses, bakeries, specialty markets and restaurants; and distributes Monin Syrups and Ghirardelli Chocolate products in the area.

In 2003, O'Henry's won the TOPS Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America. In 2004 it was voted Alabama Retailer of the Year. In 2008 the company began selling its products in many grocery stores such as Bruno's, Piggly Wiggly, Western Supermarkets, and V. Richard's.

On June 1, 2021 the Stevenses purchased the Chelsea Coffee House from Jeff and Rhonda Gross.



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