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REV Birmingham is an economic development organization founded on November 15, 2012 with the merger of Operation New Birmingham and Main Street Birmingham. It is supported by private donations, revenues from programs, and public funding in the form of allocations from the City of Birmingham's general fund ($725,000 in 2015) and federal grants.

The organization's purpose is to promote "catalytic development" (services to real estate developers and management of properties owned by REV), small-scale and large-scale business growth and retention, and revitalization of the City Center as well as neighborhoods and commercial districts across the city. Until 2016 the organization also promoted "racial harmony" through its maintenance of a long-standing "Community Affairs Committee".

Wherever feasible, the organization focuses its efforts on facilitating implementation of development plans such as "Blueprint Birmingham" and the Birmingham Comprehensive Plan. REV's "Co.Starters" program works with potential start-up businesses. It manages an "Urban Food Project" and the Zyp bike share program as community development projects.

REV Birmingham is headed by David Fleming. The organization's name, one of 743 pitched by Big Communications, is intended to combine "forward motion" with "revitalization".

In 2018 REV Birmingham was contracted by the City Center District Management Corporation to manage and operate the Birmingham City Center Business Improvement District, including the CAP security patrol service.


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