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Rube Burrow's Food and Spirits was a bar and restaurant in Five Points South. It was named after the 19th Century train robber Rube Burrow and featured decor of Burrow's antics.

It opened in the early 1980s at 1005 20th Street South in the heart of 5 Points South. It moved from its original space into a larger one next door when Pickwick Place opened in 1987. The manager was Michael Windham. The restaurant closed in late 1996.

Rube Burrows' menu included nachos, blackened chicken fingers, fried mushrooms and potato skins appetizers. The "Magic City Salad" was served in a fried flour torilla shell.

Preceded by:
The Outrigger
1005 20th Street South
1980s - 1996
Succeeded by:

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