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Pinson Boulevard is the name of an approximately 1-mile stretch of Alabama Highway 75 as it passes northward through the city limits of Pinson. Originally known as Center Point Road, It begins at approximately 6 miles north of Highway 75's intersection with Exit 134 at I-59 (where it starts as Roebuck Parkway and continues northward as Parkway East and Center Point Parkway).

Pinson Boulevard begins at Pinson city limits at Saturn Lane and continues through the heart of Pinson, including the Pinson Hills and Pinson Main Street historic districts, until its intersection with Alabama Highway 151. At that point, Highway 75 takes a north-easterly turn and is known simply as Highway 75. The entire stretch of Pinson Boulevard is 5 lanes, with two lanes each for north- and south-bound traffic, and a paved center turn lane. A widening project which included removing a bridge between Main Street and Highway 151 was undertaken in the late 1990s.

The road was renamed by the Pinson City Council in 2014 to differentiate the stretch of Highway 75 inside the city limits from that portion inside Center Point.

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