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1824 was 47 years before the founding of the City of Birmingham and five years after Alabama became a state.



John Tyler Morgan




In 1824, the United States War Department created the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Beethoven's masterpiece, Symphony No. 9, premiered in Vienna. Charles X succeeded his brother Louis XVIII as King of France. None of the four candidates for U.S. President gained a majority of the electoral votes, so the election was thrown into the House of Representatives. The name Australia was finally adopted as the official name of the country once known as New Holland.

Notable births in 1824 included Confederate general Stonewall Jackson, physicist Gustav Kirchhoff, Union generals Winfield Scott Hancock and Ambrose Burnside, physician Paul Broca, composer Anton Bruckner, sportswriter Henry Chadwick, and author George MacDonald. Notable deaths included artist Théodore Géricault, poet Lord Byron, philosopher Maine de Biran, King Rama II of Siam, and King Louis XVIII of France.

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