Allison-Bonnett Memorial Drive

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Allison-Bonnett Memorial Drive, formerly known as Warrior River Road, is an east-west road that serves as a main thoroughfare in Hueytown. It is named after NASCAR racing brothers Bobby and Donnie Allison, the late Davey and Clifford Allison (Bobby's sons), and the late Neil Bonnett. All of them were based in Hueytown during their racing careers, and were part of the famed Alabama Gang. Warrior River Road was renamed in their honor and memory in the early 1990s.

The street begins at its intersection with I-20/59, just east of the Hueytown city limits, and continues westward to the western city limits, where the name reverts to Warrior River Road in unincorporated Jefferson County in the Concord community.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the Allison-Bonnett Memorial Drive category.