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This is a List of HABD communities which are owned and operated by the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (HABD):

Housing community Address Neighborhood Units Housing Manager Years
Tom Brown Village 4165 5th Court North North Avondale 248 Shirley Prewitt 1961-present
Collegeville Center 3031 29th Avenue North Collegeville 394 Gaines Belcher 1964-present
Elyton Village 31 4th Court West Graymont 555 Terri Peterson 1938-present
Farrington Apartments 2935 Creek Lane Northeast unincorporated 104 2020-present
Freedom Manor 1617 5th Avenue North Fountain Heights 102 Sarah Pritchett 1986-present
Glenbrook at Oxmoor Valley 2801 Sidney Drive Oxmoor 300 2009-present
Cooper Green Housing Community 1501 Arthur Shores Drive SW Mason City 321 Pernita Banks 1972-present
Benjamin Greene Village 5828 Brewer Drive Roosevelt 129 Mary Houston
Harris Homes 514 Chester Avenue Oak Ridge Park 200 Mable Roebuck
Kimbrough Homes 2817 Wallace Covington Circle Industrial Center 231 Cemal Ulgen 1975-present
Loveman Village 248 1st Avenue SW North Titusville 500 1952-2017
Marks Village 7527 66th Street South Gate City 500 Windham Summerville 1952-present
North Birmingham Homes 3127 43rd Avenue North Fairmont 292 Julius Howard 1972-present
Metropolitan Gardens 600 24th Street North Central City 910 1940-2002
Park Place Apartments 600 24th Street North Central City 97 2004-present
Rev. Dr Morrell Todd Homes 4600 8th Court North Kingston 500 Dorothy Trimble 1960-present
Smithfield Court 150 8th Avenue North Smithfield 456 Michelle Williams 1937-present
Southtown Court 2501 University Boulevard Southside 455 Bessie Word 1941-2020
Tuxedo Court 2035 Avenue Q Ensley Tuxedo 488 1961-2006
Tuxedo Terrace 2035 Avenue Q Ensley Tuxedo 145 2009-present
Villas at Titusville 248 1st Avenue SW North Titusville 164 2019-

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