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Old Springville Road (or Springville Road) is a mostly-north-south thoroughfare connecting the Huffman community to Argo. The approximately 15-mile long road is considered County Road 30 in both Jefferson and St Clair Counties. The road begins in the south at the intersection with Parkway East in the Birmingham city limits, where it is called "Springville Road", and continues northward after the Brewster Road intersection as "Old Springville Road" through Center Point, Chalkville, Grayson Valley, and Clay, into St Clair County over the headwaters of the Cahaba River and into Argo, ending in the north at the U. S. Highway 11 intersection, just south of Springville.

Old Springville Road serves as the major thoroughfare inside the corporate limits of Clay. In 2014, Clay successfully added a traffic signal at the Clay-Palmerdale Road intersection after attempting to get Jefferson County to add the signal since the city was incorprated in 2000. The signal was added, in part, after 9 traffic accidents were reported in 2013 alone at that intersection.

Notable Locations


Spring Lake

Unincorporated Jefferson County




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