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1843 was 28 years before the founding of the City of Birmingham and the 24th year of Alabama statehood.



Robert Henley




In 1843, Giuseppe Verdi's opera I Lombardi premiered in Milan. Eta Carinae temporarily became the second-brightest star in the night sky. The first major wagon train headed for the American Northwest set out with one thousand pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Ulysses S. Grant graduated from West Point. The Economist began publication. Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Tell-Tale Heart and Charles Dickens' novella A Christmas Carol were first published.

Notable births in 1843 included outlaw Frank James, President William McKinley, writer Henry James, King Frederick VIII of Denmark, statesman and businessman Robert Todd Lincoln, and railway magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt II. Notable deaths included poet Robert Southey, inventor Samuel Morey, lexicographer Noah Webster, and Cherokee syllabary creator Sequoyah.

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