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Clairmont Avenue or Clairmont Avenue South (formerly Lower Highland Avenue) is an east-west corridor in Birmingham's Southside community connecting University Boulevard (8th Avenue South) at the intersection of 28th Avenue South in Lakeview with 12th Avenue South at the intersection of 52nd Street South near Trinity Hospital.

Beginning near Rockford Road, the eastern segment of Clairmont Avenue is divided by a wide, sloping median which is used as a park.

The eastern end of Clairmont between 29th and Highland Avenue forms the northern edge of the city's Lakeview Commercial Revitalization District. Between 31st and Highland, Clairmont Avenue forms the northern border of the Chestnut Hill Historic District. Between 36th and 39th it forms the southern border of the Avondale Park Historic District. The section of Clairmont Avenue between 38th and 46th is within the Forest Park Historic District.

Notable locations

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Southside neighborhood

(also considered part of University Boulevard, which continues west)

Highland Park neighborhood

Southside neighborhood

Forest Park-South Avondale neighborhood

Crestwood South neighborhood