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The 2013-2017 Birmingham City Council served as the Birmingham City Council from 2013 to 2017. The nine members were elected by district to concurrent four-year terms in the 2013 Birmingham municipal election on August 27, 2013.


After the council members were sworn in on October 22, Maxine Parker was elected president, with Jay Roberson as president pro tem. Parker died in November 2013 and her colleagues appointed her son, William Parker, to succeed her as representative of District 4. Johnathan Austin was elected to take over as president on December 3.

In May 2016 the Alabama State Legislature passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Oliver Robinson that modified the Mayor-Council Act to reduce the terms of council officers from four years to two. The law required a new election for officers to be held immediately. On May 10 Austin was re-elected president, with support from Steven Hoyt, Marcus Lundy, Lashunda Scales and Sheila Tyson. Hoyt was elected president pro-tem, succeeding Roberson.


Prior to December 2015, Council members were assigned to one or more of nine committees (as well as the Committee of the Whole):

In December 2015 president Johnathan Austin announced a restructuring of the council committees. A "Governmental Affairs Committee" was created to oversee legislative priorities for the city. The "Education and Administrative" committee was split into separate committees, with the "Technology" committee combined with the "Administrative" fuction. The "Public Safety" and "Transportation" committees were combined, as were the "Budget & Finance" and "Economic Development" committees. The new assignments to eight committees were as follows:

After winning re-election as President on a 5-4 vote in May 2016, Austin again reassigned some council committees, removing William Parker from the Administrative/Technology and Parks & Recreation committees.

Birmingham City Council
District 1 Clinton Woods District 4 William Parker District 7 Wardine Alexander
District 2 Hunter Williams District 5 Darrell O'Quinn District 8 Steven Hoyt
District 3 Valerie Abbott District 6 Crystal Smitherman District 9 John Hilliard
Preceded by:
2009-2013 Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council
Succeeded by:
2017-2021 Birmingham City Council


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