2014 primary elections

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The 2014 statewide primary election were comprised of the following ballots:

  • The Democratic and Republican Party primaries on June 3, 2014
  • Democratic and Republican Party runoffs on July 15, 2014

Overall voter turnout was low, with about 613,000 people, or 21% of eligible voters across the state casting ballots. Of those voting in the gubernatorial primaries, only 180,000 voted on the Democratic ballot while 433,000 voters on the Republican ballot.

This was the first election to be held under Alabama's Voter ID law. No voters were reported to have been turned away or forced to use provisional ballots in the Birmingham area.

Democratic primary

Federal offices

Statewide offices

Jefferson County offices

Shelby County offices

Other offices

Republican Primary

Federal offices

Statewide offices

  • Lieutenant Governor

Other offices

Other ballot measures

  • Oneonta referendum to allow alcohol sales
    • Yes, 1,208 votes
    • No, 738 votes
  • Blountsville referendum to allow alcohol sales
    • Yes, 263 votes
    • No, 172 votes

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