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1862 was 9 years before the founding of the City of Birmingham, 43 years after Alabama became a state, and one year after Alabama joined the Confederacy.




Underwood c. 1910-15




In 1862, the Civil War and Taiping Rebellion continued. Jefferson Davis was officially inaugurated to a 6-year term as president of the Confederate States of America. The Bureau of Internal Revenue, forerunner of the Internal Revenue Service, was established. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The Gatling gun was patented.

Books published in 1862 included Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

Notable births in 1862 included writer Edith Wharton, composer Frederick Delius, composer Claude Debussy, writer O. Henry, inventor Auguste Lumière, and baseball player & evangelist Billy Sunday. Notable deaths included inventor Samuel Colt, former president John Tyler, author & philosopher Henry David Thoreau, and former president Martin Van Buren.

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