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SpoonFed Grill
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Food trucks are mobile vendors serving food throughout the Birmingham area. "Taco trucks" began proliferating in the scene in the early 2000s, while SpoonFed Grill touched off a "gourmet" food truck trend in 2009.

Food trucks are food service businesses licensed by the municipalities in which they operate, and permitted and inspected by the Jefferson County Department of Health, which requires them to operate in conjunction with a permitted brick-and-mortar food service establishment such as an affiliated restaurant or catering kitchen, or a multi-tenant "commissary kitchen," where foods are stored and wastes are discharged.

In addition to serving street food or rotating lunch periods between businesses with large numbers of workers, many of the trucks are available for hire for private events, functioning as caterers.

By 2012 the Birmingham City Council began responding to private complaints by brick-and-mortar restaurateurs in the City Center by drafting a proposed ordinance to restrict operating hours and locations. The proposal has been debated in Council committee hearings, but has not come up for a vote. Public hearings were renewed in November 2013.

In response to the threat of restrictive regulation, several truck and food cart vendors joined together as the Greater Birmingham Street Food Coalition in early 2013 and proposed an alternate, less restrictive ordinance for consideration. The coalition has also developed a "Food truck lot" at 211 Richard Arrington, Jr Boulevard North.

The Council passed its Birmingham food truck ordinance in December 2013, and amended it in July 2014 to remove some restrictions that applied to groups offering free food to the homeless.

In January 2013 Deep South magazine included four of Birmingham's food trucks: Dreamcakes, Los Dos Hermanos, Shindigs, and SpoonFed Grill, in their listing of the "Best Food Trucks in the South." By 2022 the Jefferson County Health Department reported that nearly 150 food trucks had active licenses.

List of food trucks

The following list includes typical locations, along with Twitter handles or semi-permanent locations:

dessert / beverage trucks

Food trailers

Other street vendors

Former street vendors

See Also

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