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Welcome to BhamWiki

BhamWiki, part of the Project to Document the Birmingham District, aims to become the foremost resource and guide for anyone curious about Birmingham, Alabama and the region around it. We aim for accuracy, objectivity, and accessibility as we work steadily on expanding our coverage.

New here? If you'd like to explore, I suggest starting by clicking any of the blue links on this page and continuing on from there. You might also use the search box on the sidebar to look for something in particular, or if you prefer, begin at the top, Category:Root, and browse from there.

Hopefully some of you would like to contribute to BhamWiki. We welcome new information as long as it is fact-based, neutral, and verifiable. Once you've signed in with an editing account, you'll be able to create new entries as well as edit existing ones. If you're interested, just read our user agreement and drop us a line.

If you would like to submit corrections or contributions to BhamWiki without signing up for an account, feel free to email us at admin at bhamwiki dot com. Note that all contributions may be edited mercilessly in accordance with the goals and policies of the project.


Please vote in the 2007 Birmingham mayoral election on October 9

Today is Tuesday July 7, 2020. BhamWiki has been running since March 15, 2006 and currently contains approximately 14,458 articles. See "recent changes" for the newest additions. The 2,900th article was the 2007 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. See Bhamwiki:Milestones for more information on the growth of the site.

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Lonnie Holley Dorothy Sebastian Renaissance Plaza Babec Split the Dark
Baconsides A. H. Parker The Club Damon Johnson R-Tist
Wallace Rayfield Trussville April 15 Edgewood Lake WRAX FM 100.5
EWTN Oak Grove Mine BJCC Bank Saloon Alan Ogg
Henry Edmonds Brown Marx Building 1st Lutheran Church 1908 tornado Lake Mitchell

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