List of Elmwood Cemetery burials

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This is a list of Elmwood Cemetery burials, listing the more notable figures among the approximately 130,000 people buried at Elmwood Cemetery, which opened in the 1880s as "Elm Leaf Cemetery" and has been expanded to 412 acres, and is, as such, one of the largest cemeteries in the United States.

Academics and educators

Actors and media figures

  • Anna Lee Carroll (1930–2017), actor
  • John Forney (1927–1997), University of Alabama play-by-play radio announcer
  • Pat Gray (1940–2020), television host
  • Cliff Holman (1929–2008), magician and television host
  • John Wright (1927-2015), communications director, actor and social activist

Artists, musicians and writers

Athletes and coaches


Business executives

Military personnel



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