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1st Avenue North (Downtown) is the section of 1st Avenue North running through downtown Birmingham's Fountain Heights and Central City neighborhoods, between I-65 and 26th Street. The avenue is also part of U.S. Highway 11.

In the downtown area, 1st Avenue North has a 100-foot right of way, 20 feet wider than the typical street. It carries two lanes of traffic in each direction with a central turn lane and parallel parking at each curb.

The curbstones installed in the early 20th century on 1st Avenue North between 18th and 21st Streets were quarried in Lane Park. The first electric "thoroughfare lighting" was installed on 1st Avenue North on poles spaced 200 feet apart. The lighting was upgraded with new, taller poles on 100-foot spacings between 32nd and 85th Streets under the city's 1945 contract with the Birmingham Electric Company.

During the 1980s rows of Pin oak trees were installed along 1st Avenue North between 14th and 26th Streets as part of the city's urban tree planting project, guided by Nimrod Long & Associates.


1st Avenue North continues west through Smithfield to Center Street, continuing as Cotton Avenue Southwest

Fountain Heights

11th Street intersection

12th Street intersection

13th Street intersection

14th Street intersection

15th Street intersection (closed)

16th Street intersection

17th Street intersection

18th Street intersection

The Pandora Cafeteria at 1804-1806 1st Avenue North (1927-1936)

Central City neighborhood

19th Street intersection

1890s view looking east down 1st Avenue, possibly from the Morris Block.

20th Street intersection: Heaviest Corner on Earth

21st Street intersection (Rainbow Viaduct)

22nd Street intersection

23rd Street intersection

24th Street intersection

25th Street intersection