2nd Avenue North (Downtown)

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1900 block of 2nd Avenue North in 2006. The Old Kress Building is prominent.

2nd Avenue North (Downtown) is the section of 2nd Avenue North running through downtown Birmingham's Fountain Heights and Central City neighborhoods, between I-65 and 26th Streets.

In the downtown area, 2nd Avenue North has an 80-foot right of way. It is a one-way street which carries three lanes of westbound traffic, with parallel parking at each curb.

The area surrounding 2nd and 3rd Avenue North near the Alabama and Lyric Theatres is considered the heart of Birmingham's Theater District. The section between 22nd and 25th Streets is part of the City Center Loft District, utilized for the annual ArtWalk festival.

The section of 2nd Avenue between 20th and 24th Street is part of the Downtown Birmingham Historic District. Until the mid-1980s, Red Mountain Expressway terminated at the 2nd Avenue North offramp. During that decade rows of Ginkgo trees were installed along 2nd Avenue as part of the city's urban tree planting project, guided by Nimrod Long & Associates. In general, female trees were planted on the north side of the street and males on the south side.


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2nd Avenue North continues west through Smithfield to Center Street, continuing as Tuscaloosa Avenue Southwest

Fountain Heights neighborhood

11th Street North

12th Street North

13th Street North

14th Street North

15th Street North

16th Street North

The Thomas Jefferson Hotel

17th Street North

1700 block of 2nd Avenue North with the Ritz Theater, c. 1950s

18th Street North

The Bell Building at 1814 2nd Avenue North in January 1912

Central City neighborhood

19th Street North

Hudgins' fountain in 1886
Rosenberger's Birmingham Trunk Factory in 1939

20th Street North

BPA Deck No. 6 on 2nd Avenue North

21st Street North

The Zinszer Building at 2115-2119 2nd Avenue North

22nd Street North

23rd Street North

24th Street North

25th Street North

Carraway Boulevard (26th Street North)